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"Love does not consist of gazing at each other,
but in looking together in the same direction."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944)


T I M E !!!

The best choices depend on knowing the recipient well:
the person's tastes, needs and dreams.

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Cupid's Network, Inc.

Cupid's Chapel of Love

Romance 101, Lessons In Love

A well-chosen gift gives pleasure and
leaves a feeling of warmth and goodwill.

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The Electric Postcard

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If you select a gift hastily and mindlessly, you risk
displeasing and perhaps even offending the recipient.


Storm Of Passion

Farewell To Us

My Love For You

Wishes and Peace


My True Love Hath My Heart

True Love

The Light Of Your Love

You And I

To Earthward

Wilt Thou Be Mine?

She Walks in Beauty

The Owl And The Pussy Cat

Love's Prayer

Three Years

I Love You (by E.W. Wilcox)

To Celia

Worlds Apart

A Match

The Fire Children

All True Deep Feeling

Of Flesh And Souls

How Do I Love Thee?


A Red, Red Rose

Love's Blindness

Perfect Woman

No Thank You, I'm Full

I Love You

A Plain Old Kiss

Arizona Moon

My Wife and the Storm

The most treasured gifts don't have to cost the earth.

Post your lovers Birthdate on the World Wide Web.

Mark's Apology Note Generator

Sometimes the best gifts are the obvious choices.


FTD Flowers

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There is no simple formula to guide you to the perfect gift....

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