No Thank You, I'm Full


I never know where
to start, so I just
step into it and
they pull me along.

Now I'm moving in
and out of the cold
dry steam that pours
up at me and you
grab my hand to
keep control and we
fall to the side.

No one cares, come
or go, so we sit
in the dark
making faces we
see through touch.

Yours makes me cry,
mine makes you laugh
so instead we make love
where pleasure and pain
always melt into one.

We lie there
feeling the city move
through us, building
its faces to fill
in the space between
two empty hearts.


As the A train
pulls us home
I sense your body
still tense and my
heart picks up the pace.

In the German cafe
I watch you eat and
it's better than sex.
You offer me a bite,

by... tinyX

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