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Treasures in the jars of clay
Let the light shine out of darkness
Fallen down but not destroyed
It's just another Trial By Fire
In my song I'll send you a prayer
Do you know me, do you hear me...
...It's just another Trial By Fire...

----- Steve Perry ... Journey -----
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I'm so glad you took the time to visit my Home Page.
I hope you enjoy your visit. :-)

Encourage your friends not to Drink & Drive as well.....Read this poem.....
Death Of An Innocent
It will certainly enlighten you to the consequences!

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mIRC Home Page Hot!
mIRC Download Page...16bit/32bit/FAQ ftp .....Get yourself a copy now!!! :)))
The Latest News on mIRC
Undernet Channel Service Info Page
Undernet's Home New
EFnet's Home New
Search IRC .....The most advanced IRC search engine New
Top players in #idleRPG on EFnet New
Top players in #idleRPG on Undernet New
Top players in #irpg on EFnet New

Phone Programs

I've decided to remove all the links under this heading. Times have changed
since we all first started playing around with phone apps for the internet.
Most of the links either don't work anymore or the companies want to charge
an arm and a leg, and to be honest I just don't have time to experiment with
internet phone apps these days.


The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
Britannica Online
DeLorme: CyberAtlas™
O M N I Magazine
Yahoo! Canada .....All Canadian!
The Universal Currency Converter™
National Geographic Society
Meade ETX Telescopes ..... I am the proud owner of an ETX-90AT UHTC. New
Weasner's Mighty [Meade telescope] ETX Site New
Nikon CoolPix 8700 .....My 3rd Digicam - I luv it! New
Nikon CoolPix 8700 at Digital Reviews .....Some great closeups of the camera. New
iRiver HD MP3 Players .....iPod, schmiPod - get an iRiver, they rock! (We own a H120 & a H340) Hot! New
                                                   Not to mention that their customer service is extraordinary!.
MisticRiver .....Forum and FAQ site for iRiver Enthusiasts New


Virtual Tourist Guide to Ireland
Interactive Online Travel Guide to Ireland & Northern Ireland
Ireland - Tourist sights, hotels, etc. in Dublin

Internet Post Cards

Send a postcard from Hawaii!
Hallmark e-cards
The Electric Postcard
Warner Bros. WeB Cards
Garfield PostCards updated
Awesome Cyber Cards!
All-Yours Greeting Cards updated
Virtual Florist
Virtual Dessert Machine .....Create & send a virtual Sundae! (Instead of a postcard)
Shiner Beer .....Not into Postcards?...Send a Beer instead! *wink* Cool One! Hot!

'Puter Stuff

Computing Dictionary
McAfee Anti-Virus Products
The Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ
Free Agent Newsreader
Hot Dog
Backgrounds N' Stuff .....Lots of Goodies here.
THE PM ZONE .....Popular Mechanics. EVERYONE should visit this site!
Microsoft Windows Family
Pegasus Mail - *The* Best email program! :) Hot! updated
ZDNet Home Page
Winamp .....Check out the awesome skins too. updated
SmartFTP .....Excellent FTP client - free for individiual home use. New


LadyAnn's Windows Page.....

I'm an op in #WindowsNT, #WindowsXP, #Windows2K, #Windows95, #Windows98
on Undernet as well as #WindowsNT and #WindowsOS on EFnet, So of course
I *had* to make a windows page! ;-)

Note: My Windows Page *really* needs updating ;Þ
I'll try to get around to it as soon as I have time.

Intriguing Stuff

Canada - Current Weather & Forecasts updated
Recent Canadian Earthquakes New
Current World Seismicity New
Global Earthquake Report
Africa Online Home Page
Gateway To The Reservation System .....See where Travel Agents get their info! updated
How far is it? .....Calculates the distance between two cities.
Flyte Trax System .....Track exact location, in real-time, of commercial aircrafts!!! updated .....Locate long-lost relatives... and much more!
Stephen Hawking's Universe
Molecular Expressions .....Explore the world of Optics & Microscopy. New

Space Portal
Sneak a peek at LadyAnn's Space Pages

Silly...But Fun Things

LadyAnn's Whimsical Place .....I couldn't resist ;-)
Ari's Today-page This link doesn't seem to be working. It was such a great page. I've decided to
                                    leave the link in hopes that the page will be back soon.

Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
BU's Interactive WWW Games.....more games for the kids.
NBC Golf Tour
The PGA Golf Tour
The Darwin Awards
Stuck in the 1980's updated
The Official Formula 1 Website .....Nothing "silly" about F1, but it sure is fun! ;) New
The Canadian F1 Grand Prix Home Page New
Discount Codes for Broadway tickets ..... I've used these discounts, they're awesome! New
Stargate SG-1 ..... The best sci-fi show ever! (and yes, it can be silly sometimes... LOL) New

I Know I Know

The Love and Romance Home Page
World of Romance, Greg Godek, 1001 Ways to Be Romantic
Life without love is no life at all

Click here to visit.....

LadyAnn's Romance Page

The above listed links, and a whole lot more,
can be found on this very special page.


...OneMagic .....Visit the Crystal Palace.

...TeryDactl .....*The* #1 LSU Tigers fan!

...Thomas' Home Page .....A beautiful Birthday present, from a Son to his Dad.

...[Omega]'s Place ....Beautiful pictures of Ladakh and Kashmir.

...The Fogles .....Congrats on the birth of Makayla...such a cutie!

...#Millennium Home Page ....An Undernet IRC Channel that I was Manager of.

...Bubbah's Home Page ....Visit the Cheroke family!

...Coder and Athenah's Homepage ....A lovely couple!

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