My Wife and the Storm

The sky quickly darkens as the clouds start rolling in.
There's a sudden flash as lightening begins.
The silence is broken with the first roar of thunder.
That's when my wife starts looking for something to get under.
Soon she starts wearing a groove in the floor.
Walking back and forth to look out the door.
Suddenly lightening sreaks across the sky.
My wife looks like she might cry.
I tell her there's nothing to worry about.
But she looks at me with her face filled with doubt.
The wind and rain blow for a while.
My wife continues to wear down the tile.
Slowly but surely the storm passes by.
My wife lets out a relieved little sigh.
The sky clears leaving the stars shining bright.
My wife finally believes everything will be all right.
She looks at her feet and breaks me the news.
She wore the bottom out of her house shoes.

by...Daniel L. Crabtree

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