Arizona Moon

It is the time when the last rays of the Sun are fading away and starlight takes its place.
Once again his eyes open in his ancient face.

He slowly appears out from behind a cloud as a gentle breeze begins to blow.
He kindly looks down at the landscape that stretches out far below.

The night creatures are stirring now and crickets start to sing.
The stars are shining in the sky like diamonds on a ring.

He smiles at his surroundings as evening starts to unfold.
Remembering the stories of the night and how often they've been told.

He wonders how different things might be if he were not around.
Even though he never speaks or even makes a sound.

How many things would change for worse not for better.
The difference in songs, poems, and even a simple love letter.

His eyes sparkle and he smiles because he knows he's here to stay.
He will always return as long as night follows day.

But for now he prepares to rest again for daylight will be soon.
That's just the way he is this fellow we call the Moon.

by...Daniel L. Crabtree

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