Of Flesh and Souls (for Abby)

I am drunk on visions of you
sitting backwards in a chair,
keeping time with the band
through your shimmering hair.

Somewhere in my eyes
I slept with you that night.
Somewhere in my eyes
we stomped across NYC,
just you and me and your hair
laughing at the life
we waded through; so thick
and clogged with life
the streets pulsed in time
to our happy footfalls.

There was nothing concrete
in that city of dreams.
Only neurons crackling and
synapses firing volley after volley
of electrical sexual urgency,
pushing toward overload to
fill me with as much of you
as my heavy heart could bear.

There was no silky touch;
no rose petal lips caressing
urging responding dancing
across the canyons of fidelity
that separate our glorious union
of flesh and souls.

No, nothing hard or soft;
just the snake of tangibility
slithering away into the
jungle of your hair.

Now I am alone, visions fading
as the sun melts the day
into its planet-size mould.
And as you soar into the night
to hide in its dark folds
I catch a strand of your hair....
....the happy stowaway.

by... tinyX

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