The Fire Children (for April)

We were born in the fields of the sun
where the heat is as thick as stone;
where the firebirds sleep and run
and burn out their lives alone.

We mine the heat in the fields of the sun
to build our love in flames;
the only blue is one as one
and our hunger has no name.

Braced against the furnace blast
that is surely doomed to come,
we cling to the flames 'til it has passed
and returned into our sun.

Wells of fire soothe our hearts
and we do not ask for more;
there is no ice to tear us apart
for we are fire to the core.

And though our pyre is near complete,
loneliness lights us from within.
So our hearts must bear the heat
as we ride the waves of gentle sin.

by... tinyX   November 28, 1992

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