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" very good and extremely gifted friends of mine ! "

- The Back Alley Boys -

Voted the best country western band of 1996 at the New York Sammy awards ...
and Jason Teska ... The best new vocalist for 1996 ...

Congratulations on their premier CD Release !!

boyswrs.gif (135K) - inside cover of the Back Alley Boys' premier cd - outstanding country tunes .....

..... Song clips from their premier CD .....

'Wrinkle Red' ..

The Sight Of You (60 secs/662K)

I've Loved You Much Too Long (60 secs/641K)

Strange Kind Of Love (38 secs/434K)

Be sure to check out their homepage for upcoming events and new releases !!
( Yes ! I gotta check these guys out now !! )

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